Would you like to donate objects?

Would you like to donate objects?

Would you like to donate objects?

The richness and diversity of the RMM collections undoubtedly contribute to the institution’s national and international prominence. The RMM keeps on extending its unique heritage through considered acquisitions (purchase, gifts, deposits).

You posses an object, document or picture you would like to present the Museum with?

For reasons of practical organisation, we ask you not to present these objects unannounced.

How should you proceed?

Please contact our services by (e)-mail or telephone before submitting the item(s) you wish to donate. Pictures of the item, a description or information and comments on the state of conservation will help us determine whether or not the item fits into our collection.

After evaluation of this information we will contact you and if necessary make an appointment.

Conditions and criteria determining whether or not an item fits our collections:

1. General conditions:

The selection is carried out based on the social, scientific or museum value of the object with regards to military history and the history of conflicts.

The object has to fit the subjects broached by the RMM or be in keeping with the institution’s projects and missions.

Contrary to a deposit, gifts and purchases imply a transfer of property. Gifts and purchases are therefore final.

2. Special conditions for fire-arms:

Modern fire-arms and ammunition, as described in the 2006 law, have to comply with specific regulations. Modern fire-arms are weapons made after January 1, 1895.

The War Heritage Institute does not accept anonymously donated arms or ammunition.


* Documents, archives or pictures (items on paper only):

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* Objects:

Royal Military Museum
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