The non-profit organisation Bastogne Memorial

The non-profit organisation Bastogne Memorial

The non-profit organisation BASTOGNE MEMORIAL

The non-profit organisation BASTOGNE MEMORIAL focuses on all aspects of the remembrance mission related to contemporary conflicts. Within this framework, it wishes, among other things, to boost the cultural events of the Centre for the Second World War in Bastogne; the association also hosts the activities of the Scientific Council.

The non-profit association concentrates on two topics: structuring and promoting remembrance tourism. Indeed, the institution wishes on the one hand to develop collaborations with other emblematic Battle of the Bulge sites and on the other hand to establish links between all sites located on the (former) battlefield.

The set-up is concretised through temporary activities highlighting existing commemorative sites or tourism partners. Several colloquia, film sessions with debate, lectures and exhibitions have thus been organised. With the support of eight partner museums, the association even released a first publication for the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge in 2019.

To further shape commemorative tourism, battlefields can be toured with experienced guides. The non-profit organisation ensures part of the guides’ training.



One of the missions entrusted to our non-profit association is the conservation and preservation of material collections related to the “Second World War” of the city of Bastogne. These collections include thousands of objects of various natures on the civil and military history of the Second World War. By extension, the collections also include objects related to other contemporary conflicts, and zoom in on the place these objects occupy in collective and individual memory.

A large part of the collections can be admired in the Bastogne War Museum showcases. The objects not on display are listed in a register and housed in the new Bastogne War Museum storage facilities. The association handles the donations obtained from the Bastogne War Museum and closely monitors their storage or displays them in a museum showcase whenever possible.

The association has also been collecting archive documents and books on the Battle of the Bulge for several years now. The various archive funds provide extensive insight into the history and stakes of the Battle. The obtained documents were entered into a database and the archives were recently housed in the brand-new Bastogne War Museum documentation centre.

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