Memory trips abroad

Memory trips abroad

Memory trips abroad

The War Heritage Institute strives to keep the memory of the past alive. Traveling abroad to places where you ‘breathe’ history can help young people become aware of the horrors that happened in het past.

The WHI therefore offers a number of possible trips in which schools and young people can participate.

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Herinneringsreis Auschwitz
Memory trip to Auschwitz

Every year, the WHI and the Ministery of Defense go to Poland with 100 youngsters to visit Auschwitz and Birkenau. For one day, around January 27, the date the Soviet army discovered the camp, the pupils are introduced to one of the darkest pages of history. During the morning, the museum in the former barracks of Auschwitz are visited, in the afternoon, you’ll discover the vastness of Birkenau.

The memory trip is intended for pupils from the third grade of secondary school.

For: Per school, 7 pupils and 1 teacher
Price: 25 euros per person

Herinneringsreis Ravensbrück
Memory and educational trips abroad

Would you like to take a multi-day memory and educational trip abroad with your class ? We have a lot of experience in organizing school trips. In the past, we already went tot he Alsace (visits of the former concentration camp Struthof, Musée Alsace-Moselle, European Parliament Strasbourg), Hamburg (visits to Bunker Valentin Bremen, Camp Neuengamme and Camp Bergen Belsen), Berlin (visits o Holocaust Morial, Ravensbruck, Sachsenhausen), Buchenwald (visits to Buchanwald and Dora), Mauthausen, Dachau, Normandy (visits to the landings’ beaches and various museums) and Bosnia (visits of Sarajevo, Srebrenica and Prijedor). The memory trips are tailor-made, taking into account the background of the pupils and the wishes of the teachers.

Trein der 1000
Train of 1000

1000 youngsters, one train, one destination: Auschwitz. A 25-hour train ride, visits to Auschwitz, Birkenau, Krakow, meetings with the last camp survivors and countless evening activities, that is what the participants of the Train of 1000 can expect. 1000 young people – Belgian pupils and young people from ten different European countries – visit some of the most heavily loaded places in history together with their teacher.