Mission statement

Mission statement


The mission of the War Heritage Institute (WHI) is to promote Belgium’s military heritage, the remembrance of armed conflicts on Belgian soil, and those involving Belgians abroad. This mission involves managing, acquiring, preserving, and restoring collections of objects, documents, and intangible testimonies from the period extending from the Middle Ages to the present day. For this purpose, the WHI manages and oversees a network of exceptional museums and military sites. The WHI thus presents a multi-disciplinary interpretation by situating these sites back into their military, political, technological, economic, social, and cultural contexts. One of its aims is to convey the memory of these armed conflicts by developing creative and stimulating initiatives aimed at various audiences. In addition, it carries out international scientific research into military history and heritage.


The War Heritage Institute is responsible for the national and international promotion of Belgian military history by highlighting its rich military past and outstanding collections. It is the central pillar of this heritage through the management of the sites placed under its responsibility, but also through close collaboration with renowned independent sites. It thus confirms the geopolitical position of our country: Belgium as battlefield of Europe. The WHI uses modern and creative initiatives to bring democratic values such as human rights to the fore with different audiences. The WHI thus has a leadership role in the organisation of commemorations, which aim to preserve in civil society the memory of the armed conflicts which have marked our history. Its globally-respected scientific research ensures the preservation of our military heritage for future generations.

  • Promoting peace, tolerance and democracy; encouraging the respect of human rights; stimulating active citizenship.
  • Mobilizing the scientific process in the historical approach to armed conflicts by demonstrating accuracy, respect and objectivity.